Marketing Isn’t Pitching…

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Too many decks and assumptions I see when looking at marketing plans are all about the “pitch.”

And, it is no wonder that they fail.

Because marketing isn’t about pitching.

Marketing is about a series of commitments, assumptions, and choices.


How do we improve our clients?

How do we make our clients lives’ easier?

Here’s the promise that we are making.


This is what we think will make your life better.

This is what we think will alter your world.

We have a bunch of “noise” that is coming at us, but here is what we think is most relevant.


I can’t take on everything, but this is what is important.

By doing this, I can’t do that.


The pitch needs to be put to pasture. The pitch doesn’t work, unless you are a commodity.

Your job is to make the connection, about value and about commitment.

That’s all marketing is: a commitment to taking a journey together that lives both of you better off.


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