Value Isn’t Just a Buzz Word

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I wrote about making sure your marketing materials were focused on the right things and today I want to take a second to talk about value and its place in the world.

While the primary focus of the last post was on your business, as a consultant or person of responsibility within an organization, you should also be thinking in terms of value. 

No matter what the situation or type of organization you are in, value is an integral part of your operation…

So if you are a non-profit, maybe your value is in helping more children get better educations, or cutting down the percentage of kids that are hungry.

If you are the government, your value might be in keeping your people safe or making sure that there isn’t any prolonged downtime during and after severe storms.

Or, if you are in education…your output isn’t the diploma, but the skills needed to compete in the global workforce.

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