Stability Is More Than Just A Slogan

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I’m looking at my Twitter feed when I see that the Browns have fired their GM and their CEO will step down. 

As a kid, I was a big Dolphins’ fan…now I see stories about the convoluted management structure and the lack of leadership within the organization.

Finally, living in Washington, DC now, I see the Redskins change philosophy either yearly or every other year. The owner seems to always have his management under the gun to make a big splash and not necessarily to focus on their vision of building a team. 

You’d be correct if you were wondering what this has to do with business. 

It is all about stability. 

Stability in sports is the idea that if you have a 5 year plan to build a team, you will have the resources and opportunity to see that through. 

Stability in business is much the same…it means that you have a chance to know who is leading you and what their vision is. It means that your company or organization isn’t flapping its wings at the next fad or jumping from buzz word to buzz word as a way to ensure that you are always on the cutting edge. 

Here’s the takeaway, stability can make room for changing technologies, ideas, and environments…but it doesn’t all them to drive the core principles of an organization. 

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