A Few Things On A Saturday Night

Here are a few things that I want to share with you on a Saturday night. 

I just moved to DC.  My family really likes it and I am looking at it as a good way to reinvent myself again.  With that in mind, I just finished a really great book, Get a Job Fast!. The method in this book is unique and hardcore.  So if you have the gall to try it, I think it will do you a lot of good. 

I love baseball.  And, a friend of mine, Paul Lebowitz put out a book of analysis for the 2012 season.  You will gain a lot if you are into baseball.  Check it out! 

One of my favorite entertainment personalities returned this week, in an entirely new media….radio over the Internet.  The Tom Leykis show is now being self produced and delivered over the Internet.  Tom’s delivering his content 24 hours a day and he is also offering podcasts.  The $10 a month to support the show is a good investment in getting something new and different to market. 

If you are in DC, here are a few things I think you will love if you try them:

Good Stuff Eatery

We, the Pizza

(Both of the above are owned by Top Chef contestant, Spike Mendelson.)

Nats Park

Port City Brewery

Old Town Alexandria

That’s about it.  Just wanted to throw those up for you. 

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