Right Time, Right Place, Right Idea

We talk a lot about variables.

We probably don’t talk enough about timing, place, and ideas.

As an example, I used a picture of Nick Saban above.

If you don’t know, Nick Saban has probably coached his way to being either the best college football coach ever or the second best college football coach ever while coaching at the University of Alabama.

The thing is, Nick Saban was a really, really good football coach…probably even great, before he got to Alabama.

Was he the greatest coach ever?

Not even close.

Now, a decade on, he is in the conversation with Bear Bryant as one of the best coaches ever.

What does this have to do with success?

A lot. Because Saban got to Alabama at just the right time with the right plan.

Right place.

Right time.

Right person.

Right idea.

What we need to focus on in our own work is that we can’t control every variable, but we can control a lot of them.

We can control our effort.

We can control our approach.

We can control the way we handle adversity.

But we sometimes need a little luck.

The thing about luck is, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

But you still need it.

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