Ways To Max Revenue #4: Are You Adding Value


This blog mostly focuses on all the variables at play when you are trying to generate revenue for your organization or business. So one of the first conversations you need to have no matter what your endeavor looks like is what is the value we are adding?

Value is the primary creation of any organization. If it isn’t, there won’t be an organization or business for very long.


That’s why one of the quickest ways to add or create more revenue for your organization is by focusing on the value that you are attempting to create and making sure that it is present and accounted for from the start.

How can you make sure you are adding value?

Try asking yourself a couple of questions, like:

What is the value we are trying to create?

Is this value consistent with what we are doing currently?

Is there a market for the value we are building? 

If the answers to these questions aren’t consistent with what you are doing, you are in trouble.


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