3 Keys To Operational Effectiveness


In my theory of revenue generation, I consider revenue success being driven by the intersection of strategy, operations, sales, and marketing.

Within this theory, you need to readily focus and place emphasis on outcomes within these four areas.

The thing about operational effectiveness is that it needs to be tied into your overall strategy…you can’t just be effective without something tying it together.

Here are a few ways that you can more effectively manage your operations so that they interact effectively with your strategic goals and sales process.

1. Manage based on outcomes:

In too many organizations, management becomes a series of activities that are managed based on actions that are needed to be taken.

This isn’t really a key way to achieve success.

The first driver of operational efficiency is to focus on the outcomes you want to create.

These should be a part of your strategy and everyone in the organization should be well aware of what they are.

Then, as you assign projects and tasks, make sure that you are telling your organization what needs to be achieved and not how you want to see it done.

2. Measure:

Another aspect of managing towards outcomes is to measure the key outcomes and key tasks that you are looking at for achievement.

With Big Data being a key concept today, it becomes pretty easy to think about data and measurements as things that you have access to and that are being used effectively, but in many cases the influx of data becomes a burden.

The key concept is to collect and measure those things that are essential to your success.

So if it is meetings, leads, prospects…whatever it is, measure that. And, discard the stuff that is just noise.

3. Communicate Consistently:

Never forget that 90% of the success of most leaders is through their communication of ideas, directions, and strategies.

So focus on communicating effectively.


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