10 Ways To Max Your Revenue


I spend most of my time focusing on how organizations can channel their message into a clear, compelling offering that will deliver value to their target audiences and will enable them to capture some of the value to achieve their goals and their missions.

Now there are as many ways to generate revenue as their are stars in the sky, so to say. But generally, I have found 10 ways that can deliver consistent improvement on your revenue performance.

1. Organizational Alignment: There has to be alignment between strategy, operations, sales, and marketing or you are going to not maximize your success.

2. Adjusting your pricing: Are you capturing enough value?

3. Operational effectiveness: Is your organization operating at maximum effectiveness? Or, are your processes leading you to inefficient results?

4. Stronger sales processes: With all the different sales ideas and methodologies that seem to pop up consistently, it can become quite challenging for a consistent sales process to show its head and take root in an organization. Is this a challenge in your organization? If so, have you adjusted it?

5. Focused strategy: Has your organization answered the core questions of:

What is our tangible value?

Who can use it and will buy it?

How do I reach them?

6. Targeted marketing: To piggyback on the above, is your marketing focusing on your buyers and the value you deliver? Or, are you talking about meaningless metrics and ideas?

7. Selling the right value: Do you actually know what your customers are buying?

8. Making money on each sale: This plays with pricing, but are you actually making money on the products and services you sell? Or, is your margin being whittled away by ad-ons, extra labor, and other things that chip away at the value you deliver?

9. Are you making the right sales calls? Are you talking with people that can say yes, or are you only talking to people that can say no?

10. Reinvent your core value: Has your product or service line become stagnant? When was the last time you looked at the value you deliver?


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