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Your short term/long term

We all probably struggle tremendously with this one specific aspect of balance:

Short term versus long term

The challenge comes because while we all probably do a little bit of thinking about our long term strategy, but we all are also confronted with the realities of our short term needs.

In establishing your strategy and delivering it consistently, we always have to be conscious of the need to balance the two terms.

In looking at your long term strategy, you are going to have to be focused on always pushing yourself and propelling yourself forward. In the short term, it is good to realize that you want to closely align your actions with the long term goals that you have set for you and your business, but with the reality in place that you know that not all of your decisions can be made without the need for short term gain.

As with so much of strategy, the key to managing short term and long term is to begin with the ending and an understanding of where you want to end up. While knowing that is important, the second key is to spend time understanding how those short term actions play into your goals…but never being afraid to take an action in the short term that will give you the ability to continue to build your organization.


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