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Challenging times while growing

One challenge you are lucky to face when you are developing and establishing your strategy is one that is brought about by growth.

Usually people will tell you that growing is one of those good challenges to have, and if you re-read the first line, you will see that I just said the same thing.

But the challenge that growth presents to your strategy is that it can mask the mistakes that you are consistently making in your efforts and can cover up the lack of focus you have in your organization.

This reminds me of that maxim about smart companies market harder during a recession. My take is that smart companies focus even more during boom times, so that they are better positioned during the poor times.

The key to managing your own growth is to understand what you need your strategy to do for you and your organization…ultimately, that is to help you focus. Focus is ultimately most important because you don’t usually have the luxury of being able to overcome a lack of focus because the cost in resources is too great: time, money, and energy.

To really ensure you get the most of the growth cycle, I’ll remind you again…focus.