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A change…may or may not do you good

I took a little liberty in the title with a pretty famous song lyric.

If I ever listened to my mom, she would tell me something like a “change is as good as the rest.” But I’m not sure that this is always the case.

What I will tell you is that change is constant.

More than anything else, as long as you are alive and in business, you know that change is going to be your companion.

When you are establishing a strategy and a vision for your organization, you are best served to understand that change is a constant companion. But that you don’t have the ability to say good bye to this companion.

In setting and establishing a strategy, change, while constant, can also be something that can cause you and your organization to try to force more often than is necessary. What this means is that because change is your constant companion, you may get the idea in your head that you don’t really need a long term strategy that is augmented by short term activities and short term goals.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In truth, you need to do both, think long term but take short term actions and goals into consideration.

I like to think in terms of frameworks. You need the functionality and security that a long term strategic framework provides you, but you should never be so wed to the long term strategy that you can’t act in the short term, but you should never been so infatuated with the short term that you forget you are ultimately making a longer term play.

You need both.

So change is great and constant, but it is your responsibility to control it.