10 ways to improve your networking at a conference

As I’m heading to INTIX on Monday morning, I’ve been thinking about my goals for the conference. As a regular conference attendee, I’m often amazed at how people don’t use a conference to the maximum of its potential. Here are 10 ways to improve your networking at a conference: Have a plan for the people you want to meet. Set …

Final Day of INTIX

  So I will give some more posts over the next few days about INTIX and the agenda in the post conference glow. But here are my 5 takeaways from Day 3 of INTIX. Growing the conference and its impact in the industry is at the top of people’s minds. Having events, meals, and indicators of level of participation was …

Who sells you?

As a business person, you need to create an environment where your biggest advocates can sing your praises.  When you are looking at your marketing plans, you need to look for ways to bring your clients together with your prospects.

Defining A Quality Network

To have a high quality network, both personally and professionally, you need to have 3 qualities: * diversity * quality * quantity Without all 3, you aren’t doing you or your network any favors. 


The old saying goes something like “variety is the spice of life."  This saying holds even more true when you are talking about your business and personal relationships. Living in DC, I see how silo’d that many people keep their lives. Working within a certain sector, hanging out with people from that are, and never really expanding from there. As …

Social Butterflies

We used to think of social butterflies in a negative way, but as you progress in your life…it becomes obvious that the best kind of networking comes from people that act like butterflies, flittering from one flower to the next, collecting a little bit of magic, and moving on to share it with others.

Personal Development

When I go around speaking and meeting with business leaders and executives, I hear the term “personal development” thrown around with increasing frequency. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember, but I know that sometimes people have a hard time deciding what’s a good use of time and what isn’t in the scheme of their own …