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🔌EVs = Opportunity

Distribution matters. 

The Big Idea: “People want to buy their cars like their shoes” has turned out to be wrong.

Electric Vehicles (EV) are changing the needs of customers. 

Instead of the dealer being a sales point, the modern dealer will need to expand their value to include:

  • Education facility to teach people about EVs.
  • Charging station to help people charge EVs.
  • Distribution point for direct sales and franchise sales. 

Out of disruption comes opportunity. 

In the case of EVs, this opens up a new business model for dealers, if they are willing to embrace it. 


  • Less EV maintenance opportunities means that dealers need to rethink how to use their charging networks as opportunities. 
  • More need for education during the purchase means that dealers have an opportunity to teach customers about the power of an EV. (When I bought my Tesla, the dealer was helpful in showing me things that I might not have purchased straight away.) 
  • Acting as a distribution point for various sales gives the dealers the opportunity to build relationships that can help drive used car sales, maintenance and service, and upgrades. 

Go Deeper: Sustainability in general could be a key to the auto dealer of the future.