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I was on ‘Call to Action’ with Giles Edwards…

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3. How To: Be a great podcast guest

Big Ideas:

  • I explain how I developed my pricing philosophy, using gin! 
  • Strategy before tactics! 
  • We never really even touch the full range of experiences involving helping bust out a famous wine brand or my time on Broadway or in sports business.

“Call to Action” is probably one of the top 3 marketing podcasts in the world. Giles Edwards has been on “The Business of Fun”. When Giles showed up, we talked about proper marketing, Spurs, and all kinds of stuff. 

So I was over the moon to be invited to record an episode of Giles’ podcast. 

This episode covers a lot of ground. I even listened to it and I never listen to myself on these things. 

A couple of highlights for y’all to consider:

First, we talk about how I started learning about pricing and it all began with gin. More specifically, with the question: “What kind of gin do you prefer?” 

I can safely say that I have probably made over a million individual pricing decisions at this point from my time in nightclubs, bars, tickets, B2B services, and more. But it all began with that one question. 

Second, I answer Matt from True Tickets’ question about strategy and I think I give an answer that will give you a good bit of understanding about why I tell you all the time: strategy before tactics. 

Third, we talk about my path into “marketing” and how it all began with the customer. We even talk about this idea of a “good job” which drove me to focus on revenue through sales, marketing, and branding. 

This is a winner and it is the second-longest episode in CTA history…so I failed in overtaking famous advertising man, Rory Sutherland’s record of having his conversation broken into two parts! 

P.S. My dude, Rob Cressy, is launching a new cohort-based group around launching and building a podcast. TBF, minus the folks at Harris Blitzer, Rob is the reason I started ‘The Business of Fun’. So give this a look if you’ve been curious about launching your own podcast.