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Britney Spears Teaches Us Market Orientation!


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  • Reinvention is constantFriend of the newsletter, Colin Lewis, talks about this a lot. This article is an interesting take on the idea as well since we are all going to have to rethink, reimagine, and reinvigorate our careers. And, with the pandemic, I’m sure that for a time things might even be more volatile than ever before. Let’s hope not, but plan like it will be. 
  • No More Amazon Books: I live near two locations and I will miss them, I think because the service at the local small bookstore is typically not very friendly…before the pandemic. I think this points to a reality about Amazon and that is that with their size they can make what would be a significant move for most businesses that is rather small for them. Closing down 68 retail stories seems like a huge deal, but for Amazon it is just another example of testing and learning. 
  • Dave Trott makes a great point about changeI like this because in the before times, I would often go give talks about change. And, I think when you talk about change, you give people the perception that you are some radical change agent. Most of the time when you are looking at changes, you are looking for things that are blindingly obvious no matter what. At least the way I think about it. In Australia in 2019, I talked about “growing an older, whiter audience” not being a sustainable business model in the arts because what doesn’t change is that there is no straight line on people’s devotion to any one product or service. Most people only buy something a few times a year. If you are a mass-market or middle-market product, you probably have to expand your top-level awareness to reach more people. In truth, most businesses could do with more awareness. 

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  • Look at the top link: How are you going to repackage your knowledge or ideas to insulate yourself from the vagaries of change? Write it down! Share it, if you will. 
  • Tell me, or yourself, what isn’t changing or what do you need to focus on in your market: As I, hopefully, did above, I laid out an idea that you need to look for things that are consistent when discussing change. What is going to be consistent for you? What has already happened that is likely to be consistent that you can take action on? 
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  • “You’ll never see it my way because you are not me.” —Britney Spears. I like this because it is a good reminder that you aren’t your market and that you can only see the world through your eyes, but doing market research helps you to see things differently. 

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