What Lessons Will Stick Around Post Pandemic?

3. Outdoor shows are moving forward but what will stick around as lessons learned

Key Points:

  • Some lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic should stick around like willingness to change. 
  • Technology can help us get closer to our customers and drive them to live events. 
  • We are still likely to see ups and downs through the end of the year. 

More and more outdoor events are coming online. 

Wimbledon will have fans, but Pearl Jam has canceled their summer tour of Europe.

Ups and downs. 

The story of the last year or so has been adaptation, yes and no. 

We’ve seen a lot of people adapt to the pandemic like the Providence dance company putting on a show in the parking lot early on in the pandemic when people were still trying to figure a lot out. 

The Paris Opera recording a new production now to be broadcast online that they will revive when they are able to welcome guests. And, many organizations changing their digital delivery of content to keep their fans engaged throughout the pandemic. 

This time has been one where we have had to get comfortable with innovation and change. 

The way that venues around the world have adapted to create environments where they can safely host shows and performances for people has been amazing with the bubble concerts that the Flaming Lips have put on in OKC, Dave Chappelle doing shows all over including in his neighbor’s field, and parking lots and drive-ins around the world! 

As we come through the tunnel on this thing, we should see that we have a greater capacity to adapt and innovate than we might have imagined. Most of the time the challenge is in our head. We get stuck in looking at the things we have tried over the years that didn’t work. Instead of focusing on all the possibilities of what great things we could achieve if we took a risk. 

Now we can see what happened when we have no choice but to try and make things work. 

Here are three things I hope will stick around after the pandemic:

  • A willingness to embrace change. I did the 101 ways to market, sell, and monetize your event ebook after someone told me at a conference that they were limited in the ways that they could make money! Bull! You can change at any time, but you have to know it isn’t always easy, folks aren’t going to just embrace the new, and there isn’t a guarantee of success.
  • Embrace new spaces. The NHL had a game on Lake Tahoe. That looked amazing! Drive-in shows or Dave Chappelle’s neighbor’s field…I’m into going to places I’ve never seen. Pearl Jam has said they often schedule their tour dates so they can give their fans unique places to visit. One of the places I loved was Pink Pop because it really was in the middle of nowhere when I went. It was amazing! Let’s go places that don’t traditionally get shows! 
  • Use technology as a feeder to the big stuff. Meaning, technology should be like an Amuse-bouche, a little taste to whet your appetite. I’ve watched live streams, replays, and other versions of shows and events over the last year and nothing compares to being at a live event. But, I’m not the market either. Coming out of the pandemic, we have to make sure we use technology to bridge the gap to get people to consume the content digitally and remotely, but also to push them to the good stuff…live. 

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