5 More Pricing Principles!

I’ve been working on a new ebook with some of my pricing principles included.

Pricing is the ultimate moment in your marketing efforts because it is the point where you capture the value that you’ve been creating for your customers.

I often share my thoughts on marketing. The most popular one is “Discounts Are For Dummies!”

As I’ve spent some time updating my education and my thinking on pricing during the pandemic, I have a few more principles that drive my thinking on pricing and its importance.

Here you go:

  1. There’s no such thing as a commodity: you can always move a product or service up the value ladder.
  2. Price is a clear indicator of your skill as a marketer: how close you come to closing the gap between real economic value and perceived value in your sales price tells me how good you are at marketing.
  3. Discounts are still for dummies: but what they really indicate to me is that you haven’t done the work of proper marketing and strategy.
  4. The best way to price is value pricing.
  5. Pricing, as much as anything, requires research.

I’ll be sending out a free copy of my ebook to people that sign up for my ticket newsletter or my marketing newsletter when it is completed sometime in the next week or so. Sign up to one of the lists and get the ebook straight away!

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