5 Reasons To Segment Based On Behavior!

I was doing some research on segmentation over the weekend in preparation for short podcast based lessons I’m going to share this week to test out different ways to deliver content and value…

And, I kept coming back to the reasons that I feel like segmentation based on behavior makes more sense than any of the other stereotypes or other forms of segmentation that someone might use.

Here are 5 quick reasons to segment based on behavior:

  1. What people say and do are two different things:
    To begin with, watch what people say versus what they do. As simple as that. By segmenting based on behavior, you have an understanding of the actions that folks are taking and not just what they are saying they are doing.
  2. Cuts out the stereotypes:
    I saw a meme the other day where Prince George and Machine Gun Kelly were listed as both “Gen Z” and how they obviously had the same interests. That’s a problem with segmenting based on date of birth or some other silly measure. Age isn’t meaningful and it can actually be the opposite.
  3. Behavior allows you to understand what is meaningful:
    Different groups of people find meaning in different things. Again, if you try to lump folks in based on age, country, or some other easy to capture metric that isn’t based on behavior, you’ll find that you struggle to understand why folks are taking action or making grand proclamations that have no basis in reality.
  4. It is easier to understand the difference in a market:
    By segmenting based on behavior, you have an easier time slicing up the market segments and making sense of what folks are doing.
  5. Avoids the dreaded average:
    The way I learned this was that the average person in the UK has one testicle. Look it up. What does that mean? That there are men and women and ascribing the same attributes to them is stupid. The same as segmenting by average.

This is simple and a quick hit, but just some ideas I was laying out.

How do you segment? Let me know in the comments.

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