14 Numbers Folks In Tickets Should Think About In 2021

I’m doing a quick session with some of my colleagues at a MLB team this afternoon and I took the chance to put together a list of statistics that folks can use and think about heading into 2021.

I wanted to write them down here for y’all to consider and think through as well.

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18: That’s the age cut off for creating an NFL fan according to the NFL’s CMO. If you get someone to become a fan before 18, you have a greater likelihood of keeping them for life than you do if you try and convert them to a fan after they turn 18.

3.0%: That’s the amount the average salary is schedule to go up next year according to a study of almost 500 businesses by Xpert HR. Of course, averages suck to make decisions off of, but interesting all the same.

26.1%: The real unemployment rate according to an analysis done by Axios that took into consideration many factors like whether or not someone was working and not making a living wage, cobbling together several gigs to make ends meet in the pandemic and other things.

80-90%: The level of vaccination needed in a population to reach herd immunity from the coronavirus due to how easily it is spread.

$160B: This is the amount that businesses in the arts, entertainment, sports, and other forms of live experiences are set to be down in the next 5 years.

82%: This is the number of folks that played or watched some sort of video game related content during the pandemic. (Bonus: 53% downloaded a free game to be part of a community.)

41%: Of the world’s population is under 25.

10: Number of Mega-Sale Days in Asia annually! (Bonus numbers: 1.4x more big spenders, 1.62x more likely to shop on mobile devices, and 3x more likely to buy for themselves.)

60%: Amount of shoppers that do more browsing and exploring during the holiday season.

1%: The amount you need to increase your price to achieve an average of a 10.3% increase in profits.

73%: Percentage of executives that want their marketing departments to focus on growth over other things.

30%: Surveyed businesses that expect their marketing and sales budgets to be cut in 2021.

32%: Folks that watch sports highlights on their PCs. (Bonus numbers: 90% are 2 screen viewers of sports and of that 90%, 79% are on their smartphones.)

19%: That’s the average increase in effectiveness that you get from combining TV and Facebook advertising and this fits a formula that I want to teach you about which is A+B > 2A. Meaning combining medias is better than doubling down on one medium.

Think about these numbers and let me know what they mean to you and your business as you think about 2021.

Now I’m off to make sure I put on the right shirt to talk with the team I’m talking with!

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