The Masters, Brokers, and The NY Times!

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This year has been full of surprises and a big piece in The NY Times about the Masters and the brokers that sell tickets wouldn’t have been something I counted on seeing at the start of the year. 

But this piece brings a lot of things up that are important to pay attention to. 

First, the Masters’ very measured take on when fans will be able to return. 

Realistically, they are right. We don’t know exactly when things are going to be able to come back. So to try and just ram down best-case scenarios or wishful thinking isn’t going to do us much good. 

Second, distribution comes up again after last week’s rant on the topic. 

2,000,000 NFL tickets on the secondary market seems like a huge amount, but 600,000 is nothing to sneeze at. It comes out to around 2350 per NFL game. 

We have no way of actually knowing what the market for tickets will look like on the flip side of the pandemic, but I would say that if we see the numbers drift up from 600,000 that’s not a good sign and that if the numbers drift lower, that’s a good sign for the strength of the NFL. 

The same could go for any sports or events. 

Third, the story put a personal touch on some of the brokers. 

One of the funny things about hosting the podcast has been that folks have often gained a new perspective on the people in the secondary market. 

In a world that has gone topsy turvy, I think it is nice to see some people that I’ve known for years and that don’t always get positive press coverage get a little nod of recognition and attention for caring about the events that they are working on and the businesses that they run. 


Because coming out of this, the industry will need everyone’s best thinking to recover. 

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