5 Lessons From My Conversation With Dorie Clark

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I had a chance to sit down with my friend, Dorie Clark, recently about professional reinvention in the time of the coronavirus.

Dorie is my go-to resource on all things professional reinvention as she’s not only written the book on the topic, but she’s written a trilogy of books on the topic.

So I wanted to share her ideas with my listeners on ‘The Business of Fun’ podcast.

Here are a few ideas that really stood out to me:

You can and should start with reinvention as soon as you can:

Both of us shared how we wish we knew then what we know now because we didn’t really start planning for our reinvention until we were really in need of reinventing ourselves.

Getting started early on the process is helpful and allows you to try on different personas and ideas before you have to have the new you stand on its own legs.

This can give you confidence in your thinking and allow you to figure out what works and what doesn’t work in a safer environment.

You can still network now:

A lot of us miss out on the conferences and the opportunities to connect with folks in less formal settings because the pandemic has shut these casual interactions down.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t get the chance to connect with folks, but you do have to be a little more creative.

Dorie tells the story about how she was able to host a Zoom Happy Hour for folks that she wanted to connect with in Europe.

As long as they were serving gin and tonics, count me in!

Mindset is important:

The way we think of ourselves can be challenged and not because we view ourselves incorrectly, but because a lot of times the folks that we may ask for advice aren’t sure how best to put your ideas together in a context that sets you up for success.

This is why the process of change needs to be self directed because you are going to be the best person to recognize what you want to do in the future and you are going to be best able to frame your ideas and contexts in a manner that enables you to move towards the future you want to create.

Throughout the pandemic, it is important to find things that you can control:

Dorie says she is writing a book this summer. I just signed up for Mark Ritson’s Marketing Week Mini-MBA in marketing.


We can control these things.

We may not be able to control much right now, but having some form of agency in our lives is super important in any time, but more than ever right now.

As you think about the rest of 2020, can you think about an area you want to improve? Something you’ve wanted to study? Focus on?

Figure out a way to incorporate that into your life because having something that you can control and self-direct towards is important to giving yourself the chance to move forward.

Coming up with big ideas can help set you apart:

This is maybe the most important concept we discussed because you have to share your ideas and be willing to be brave enough to share what you think.

In modern times, we are all marketers and sellers.

The problem for a lot of people is that we may not understand that we can add value with our ideas or that we may not know how or where to start.

Dorie shared a few great tips to get you started and the advice that coming up with big ideas and sharing these ideas is easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean you don’t work on them and try to find them and share them.

Check out the entire episode with Dorie! And visit her site at www.dorieclark.com to get a bunch of resources and worksheets.

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