Predict the Present?!

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Like always lately, I’m thinking on the future. 

I read a piece earlier this week that talked about all the BS we are dealing with right now with folks talking about a “new normal” and things of that ilk. 

Spoiler: the new normal is often pretty similar to the old normal, but that doesn’t sell very well. 

But the other thing that came out of my reading this week is that the most important thing about whatever we are going to do going forward is adding value. 

I’ve been reading all of Bob Hoffman’s books on marketing and advertising during the pandemic and Bob says, “you can’t really predict the future, but you can definitely tell what is going on in the present” (or, something like that). 

Why do I bring that up this morning? 

Because it would be easy to talk about what things are going to look like in some distant future…but who knows when that is really going to happen. 

Here’s what I can tell you about what we all need to do to get us through the pandemic and to the other side, especially as we look at our businesses and try to get them back growing:

First, we have to recognize that we have to earn our market or our business by adding value. 

The first key to marketing and strategy is that we have to add value and the more the better. 

Second, we need to figure out what our whole market looks like. 

Why the whole market?

Because if we just try and think through the market for what we think we are selling versus the value we deliver, we may miss something because it is a much smaller market than we might recognize. 

Third, let’s look at our customers.

The customer is king. They buy value and they are completely selfish. 

But that is totally fine because knowing that enables us to know what we are dealing with. 

Finally, let’s see what changes the pandemic has brought on. 

I’m someone that thinks about the pandemic as an accelerant of trends that were already present in our lives. Now, I’m looking at the things that are going to impact us now and going forward. 

So as we all look at how to take actions now, let’s think through the changes that are going to present themselves now like economic changes, demographic changes, style of business, and more. 

What are those changes going to mean? 

Let me know. 


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