3 Takeaways From the NATB’s Virtual Conference

I had a chance to spend some time the last two days with the NATB’s virtual conference and they even allowed me to speak on a panel about relationship building.

As I took notes and thought through what folks were telling me, a few ideas stuck with me that I wanted to jot down and share.

Customers have to be at the center of your business going forward: Having had the chance to hang out with Maureen Andersen and hear her talk on a bunch of occasions to audiences around the world, I know that she has been leading the effort to turn folks in tickets from a “no” based mindset to a “yes” based mindset.

She had the chance to present her ideas again this week and was forceful about the need to think about the customer first because the way you treat folks now is going to carry a much heavier cost in the future or come with a much stronger benefit once the pandemic is over.

Being proactive should always be your mindset: I’ve never had a chance to hear Darren Rovell do a keynote before so I didn’t know what to expect, but his message of being proactive really set a great tone for the second day of the NATB’s event.

As we all worked through the pandemic and tried to get to a point where we could all be more proactive, I kept thinking about the idea of reinvention and improvement and how to apply that to my business. But Darren’s example of the stone cutter and the need to consistently perfect your craft and sharpen your tools really clarified that for me.

On the back of Darren’s talk, it seems obvious that we should all be thinking about improving our skills, adding ideas and tools to our business, and keeping our relationships strong.

The way that tickets are going to be sold in the future might not be the same way they were sold before the pandemic: Patrick Ryan and Corey Gibbs talked about the idea of being more focused on relationships and the idea that there may be a new role for the local broker in the future.

This is an idea I’ve talked about with Corey a lot of the last few years because as we’ve seen real attendance decline, customers become more inundated with options, and an all digital at all costs mindset take hold, it seemed clear that there would be a recalibration because in my experience as a consumer buying a new car, shopping for groceries, or looking for a book recommendation that there really is room for both the digital and in-person and that the really great service oriented folks can win a lot of business by being customer obsessed.

Those were just three examples.

Gary and his team did a great job pulling this together under unusual circumstances. Check out the NATB‘s website because they’ve waved their membership dues through the end of 2020. And, let me know what your takeaways from the event were.

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