Check Me Out Tomorrow at the “Rescue Meet” Virtual Conference

Eric Fuller, friend of the podcast and of the world of tickets, is hosting his first virtual conference, Rescue Meet tomorrow at 9AM Pacific/12PM Eastern.

Eric asked me to talk with him for a few moments about where the future of tickets and live entertainment is going and here are a few key ideas we discuss:

Change is constant: 

Change is a constant, but what we have to be careful about now is making sure that we create the right kind of change for our future.

Our natural reaction may be to push on the simple, the easy, or the feel-good, but what we need is to push towards the important.

Getting ideas from everywhere is going to be more important than ever:

It is very easy to fall into the trap of “doing things the way that they’ve always been done before”, but as an industry live entertainment needs to look wider for ideas and see how ideas that are successful in other industries can apply to the world of sports, concerts, theatre, and tickets.

Putting the customer first is essential:

Over the last 5+ years, the entertainment industry has been lulled into believing that the bulk of the power belongs to the industry while the challenge of getting folks to come to games, concerts, and events has been growing.

The reality is that a lot of the attendance numbers are fakes, reflecting tickets distributed, not turnstile attendance. The revenue has been goosed by investments from speculators, consolidators, and the secondary market. And, the folks that are buying tickets in a lot of places are being squeezed by higher prices, making a lot of potential customers reluctant to spend to buy.

Those are 3 ideas, but we also talk about sports business and the magic of seeing a game in person, the power of anticipation, and a lot more.

Check out Eric’s event and get signed up ASAP.


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