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My buddy, Oli Shawyer, tagged me in a post on Twitter yesterday, asking for my input on where I go to learn things about tickets and sports business.

He listed some of the standard places that folks might go, but most of my learning comes from things that are focused on business at large.

So I wanted to share 7 places or things that I refer in a post:

Harvard Business Review:

I’ve been a subscriber for years now and I find myself using the site and the magazine’s archives pretty consistently.

You’ll find all of the articles that Peter Drucker wrote, Clayton Christensen, and many other folks.

It is a totally worthwhile subscription to have.

Wall Street Journal:

I avoid the editorial page.

But the paper itself is pretty great. I didn’t realize I’d find it so valuable about a year ago when I got my subscription, but it is a go-to resource for business news and ideas about how industries are dealing with their situations, what is working and not working, and where my attention should be focused.

Peter Drucker: 

I’m a huge fan of Peter Drucker and I find myself referring back to his work regularly.

What is amazing is that he passed away in 2005 and his work still feels timely today.

If you are looking for a starting point, I’d suggest The Essential Drucker.


I use Flipboard religiously. I think I have about 400 different topics in my Flipboard set up to try and get a wide array of articles and ideas.

You can start with a few key topics and expand as you go. I think that’s what I’ve done over the years.

The app also allows you to adjust your feed by liking or giving things a thumbs down and by blocking certain sources of information.


This magazine comes from the pwc network and like HBR covers a lot of topics about management and strategy from around the world.

Another magazine I have been getting for years.

They have a great iPad app with the archives as well.


I find that Twitter is a good place to go look for what folks are talking about.

You have to do a bit of curation on your feed to make sure you are getting some diversity of viewpoints and, if you are me, you have to be careful about getting sucked into the political stuff in times like these. But keeping an eye on the trending stories and the things your network is talking about can be a huge boost to your learning.

Hosting a podcast: 

A few years ago, I started a podcast on a whim because a colleague in sports business asked why I didn’t have one and offered up an executive with her team if I did start one.

2 years on, I have found hosting the podcast to be an exceptional way to learn and stay on top of ideas.


Because you get the opportunity to talk with really smart folks, doing really great work.

Depending on the day, I have a whole bunch of things I look to…these are the consistent ones.

What about y’all?



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