Some Questions To Think About

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How’s everyone holding up? Let me know, send me a note! 

I’m doing okay. My son is running me ragged, but that’s okay…our family is social distancing and trying to keep our heads on. 

I’ve had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around the week that just passed. 

I’m slowly wrapping my head around a full-throated declaration of what we should do next, but this morning I want to keep it simple and offer you up a few questions that we should be thinking about as we move forward into a new, unknown reality. 

1. What lessons can we learn from the 2008-2009 financial crisis that might apply today? 
2. How are you going to relaunch your business when this crisis is over? (You aren’t just planning on going back out into the world business as usual are you?)
3. What do you want your next chapter to look like? Are you changing your value proposition? The way you market and sell? 
4. What skills should you be working on now while you have the time? 
5. What opportunities are likely to come out of the lessons we are learning from the pandemic and the stock market crash? 
6. Are there any projects or ideas I’ve been holding out on or holding on to? 

I’m wrestling with these questions myself. But I’m curious what y’all are thinking. So don’t hesitate to share your answers or reach out just to chat. 

BTW, anyone reading any good books? Watching any good movies? Anything else? 

I’ve been reading Peter Drucker’s Managing In A Time Of Great Change. It seems appropriate. 

I haven’t been watching that much TV and I’ve been trying to avoid the news, but if you have a suggestion there…let me know. 

Also, here’s a link to Friday’s edition of the my ticket newsletter, Talking Tickets. There’s a Slack channel I’ve put together for folks in entertainment and sports business, but you might enjoy some of the insights from Friday’s newsletter. 

Keep an eye on my website, I’m going to try and do a webinar on mental health during the pandemic with one of England’s best mental health coaches and a few other things to keep us engaged and focused on positive things during the pandemic and the challenges we face pulling everything back together when this is all over. 


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