Free Webinar: Leading Sales Teams In This Covid-19 Apocalypse

I’m rolling out 3 new, free webinars next week to help you, your teams, and colleagues focus on things other than the news!

The first one, is on Thursday, April 2nd at 12PM EST.

Leading Sales Teams In This Covid-19 Apocalypse is in partnership with Stay22 and is co-hosted by Frederic Aouad.

I had the chance to chat with Frederic this week and we discussed some of the challenges and lessons he has had to deal with as the economy came screeching to a halt.

More importantly, what Frederic shared with me made me realize that his experience is likely not unusual to a lot of folks right now and that his ideas may add value to you.

So we are going to cover things like:

  • Adding value to your clients now
  • Changing your performance metrics and being empathetic to your sales team
  • Focusing on “doing the right thing” right now
  • And, helping your team see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is going to be fast and action-oriented.

While Stay22 is a hospitality brand, these ideas can be useful no matter what industry you work in.

I hope y’all can join us.

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