Business Book Club–First Selection

As a way to take folks’ minds off of the news and get people focusing in a positive direction, I wanted to throw out the idea of reading a few books that are relevant now.

I’ll start with Peter Drucker’s Managing In A Time Of Great Change

Peter Drucker had one skill that is really helpful in such uncertain times, he recognized that you can’t lose yourself in focusing on the future at the expense of the present. He would say it something like, “We create the future by taking action today.”

After talking with a lot of folks over the last few days, I recognize that there is a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and apprehension. If you weren’t feeling it, you wouldn’t be human.

In working through this book, I’m hopeful we can all pick up something that we can use as a kernel to recreate ourselves and push ourselves toward growth.

I’ll be posting thoughts and ideas on Twitter, LinkedIn, and in a Slack community I put together for folks in the world of live entertainment.

I hope you’ll join me in reading the book.

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