3 Live Entertainment Resources I’ve Put Together For Trying Times

There is a lot of uncertainty, I get it.

Having lived through September 11th as a young adult, 2008’s financial crisis after just selling off my part of a business, and any number of ups and downs, I know that there are a lot of challenges ahead with uncertainty and being disconnected likely to highlight this specific situation.

I want to try and do some stuff to help folks connect and keep informed as things change.

So 3 things you can connect with now:

Talking Tickets: 

My weekly newsletter. I put 5 top stories together with some analysis. I also throw in some opportunities to connect with others, special meetings, and such.

Talking Tickets Slack:

I’m not a huge fan of Slack because most of the time it feels more burdensome than email, but if you have a lot of folks, I think it streamlines communication.

So you can sign up for that free and connect with folks from around the world in a number of channels. I’ll do my best to add some useful information every day.

The Business of Fun podcast:

I’ve been doing the podcast for over 100 episodes so far and I will continue to do it throughout the pandemic. What I am going to try and do is have guests on that will provide some context heading through this crisis.

As always, if you have a question or need to chat, send me an email at dave@davewakeman.com




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