5 Key Takeaways From My Keynote On Change In Sydney

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I was chatting with Angela Higgins about the conference that she put together with Jo Michel in November, Ticketing Professionals Conference Australia.

And, we got to chatting about takeaways and things I learned from developing and delivering a keynote in Australia.

I realized then that I hadn’t properly recapped my trip to Sydney and Melbourne so that y’all can learn from my experience.

So here are 5 takeaways from my trip to Australia and my keynote in Sydney.

Change doesn’t take courage:

The title of my talk with “The courage to change” and I realized pretty early on that this was a lie.

You don’t need courage to change. Change happens to you whether or not you want it to or not.

Where courage comes into play is when you start thinking about managing the process of change, influencing change. That requires courage because you can’t be guaranteed success.

Change fails for any number of reasons:

There isn’t one hard and fast rule for why change fails.

In truth, every failure is a little bit different.

What I’ve discovered is that change has a few things that are consistent though.

  1. Change fails when there is no consistency of effort. You have to keep pushing to create change.
  2. Change fails because of lack of communication. You have to communicate what success looks like and reiterate when progress is being made.
  3. Change fails when you don’t share a vision for the future that is compelling enough to overcome the draining power of “the way we’ve always done things.”

Embracing change is essential:

Pat Riley said, “The only thing certain in life is change and when she rears her beautiful face, you embrace her.”

I think many of us get trapped into thinking we can negotiate with change. Meaning that we can take the bits we like and scrap the bits we don’t.

That’s not true.

Change requires us to go all in.

Change isn’t a straight line:

One challenge all of us face is that we can’t always know exactly where we are in the process of change.

Change doesn’t go in a straight line.

Change is up and down.

Change is uncertain and mixed with a lot of feelings of success and failure.

So…again, back to courage, you really need courage to keep pushing when success isn’t guaranteed.

Getting folks to change requires courage from leaders:

The most important aspect of courage actually comes from leadership being willing to take the risk of helping people change. This isn’t the courage of change, but the courage to expose yourself to the possibility of connection.

Change really happens when you are committed to connecting and leading.

I’d suggest you connect with Angela and Jo. They’ve done a tremendous job in Sydney and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

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