10 Ways To Improve Your Sales Prospecting

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I’ve started a practice that I learned listening to James Altucher’s podcast where I write down 10 ideas for something I am trying to overcome or solve.

I do this daily.

Sometimes the ideas are about something I am dealing with.

Sometimes the ideas are about something I notice in the news.

Or, sometimes I just pull stuff out of thin air to tackle.

All that is leading to the idea that drives today’s ideas.

Yesterday I received a poor prospecting email from a sports team and that got me to thinking about how you can make your prospecting more effective.

Here are 10 ideas to make your prospecting better, I hope!

  1. Have a better call to action.
  2. Keep your ask or your message simple.
  3. Focus on a specific market or buyer profile.
  4. Put the focus on the buyer, not on you.
  5. Be consistent in your prospecting.
  6. Use multiple forms of outreach.
  7. Get referrals
  8. Add value ASAP
  9. Have a scheduled prospecting time
  10. Test, learn, and adjust to what is working and what isn’t working.

What are some of the ways you make your prospecting more effective?

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