All Strategy Is Marketing Strategy…

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One of my core ideas for 2020 is that “all strategy is marketing strategy”.


Fair question.

In general, the goal of your strategy is to grow your sales, your market, your audience, growth…(or, if you prefer) to achieve a positive outcome from your point of view.

That said, every decision you make is going to reflect out into the world in some way: either visible or invisible.

The visible forms are when you make a decision that people are going to directly relate to you like increase in price, more advertisements placed, or new messaging.

The invisible forms can be things like cutting advertising because you notice it isn’t getting impact or isn’t focusing on the right market, taking the high road when a competitor is caught in a quagmire, or sticking with a message that is resonating but you are tired of.

All of these reflect a strategic decision.

They also reflect marketing decisions as well.

This is one of the things I want to look at and discover more about this year: how can we better recognize the impact of our strategic decisions on our marketing?

How do we make better strategic decisions when we know they are going to impact our marketing?

What can we do to make our marketing better reflect our strategy?

These are all important questions and they all reflect the reality that all strategy is marketing strategy.

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