5 Reasons You Should Buy and Read ‘Delusions of Brandeur’!

I just finished Ryan Wallman’s book, Delusions of Brandeur

I’ve been tweeting about it and am going to have Ryan on my podcast, but I want to encourage you to buy Ryan’s book.

Here are 5 reasons why:

It is funny:

I’ve written political ads.

Humor isn’t a skill you get to use.

By day, Ryan gets to write about medicine…also, not something where your sense of humor gets to be displayed.

So, when you get the chance to read this book, the humor might come as a surprise…and this isn’t the kind of humor that’s sly, it is laugh out loud funny.

It will make you think:

In today’s world, we seem to often be beating a path to the door of how we can act like everyone else.

This leads to a lot of “group think” and Ryan actually draws out the danger of not using your full scope of language to describe the world around you.

He also uses language to skewer, to question, and to challenge.

Ryan highlights the basics of marketing:

One of the challenges that gets highlighted on marketing Twitter is the idea that we’d all be a lot better off if we all understood the basics of marketing a little bit better.

The thing about remedial ideas and the basics is that people can feel like they are bored or they don’t want to spend the time on the basics.

They are necessary because, like a child in elementary school, you need to know how to spell and write sentences before you can do some of the other fun stuff.

Ryan takes us on a journey, talking about the need to be consistent, to sell, and to keep pushing on even when you are tired of your idea.

The book is beautiful:

You may not buy the book for the pictures…what are you, a toddler? But this book is put together well and it is beautiful to work through.

There are charts, graphs, diagrams, and visual aids.

You know what else?

Every illustration, picture, and other visual aid adds to the book’s words.

This book reminds you that the key asset you have in business is your humanity:

We need more humanity in everything we do today and Ryan highlights that on every page.

I’m sure that the spreadsheet lovers will complain or say that I’m wrong…but this is a great book! You should read it!


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