3 Ways To Give Your 2020 Marketing A Boost

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Happy New Year! 

I’m back! 

I actually took almost a full two weeks off and did little to nothing.

I’m foggy!

How do folks do this?

What is this crazy feeling? 

So I want to kick off 2020 by focusing on the key to successful marketing: selling more stuff, getting people to take action, convincing people to change their minds. 

Recently, I was listening to Mark Ritson talk about why he is in marketing. His answer was the best and I realized it was exactly why I wanted to get into marketing when I first started out. 

Mark’s answer: “I’m in marketing because that’s where all the fucking money is.” 

His words, not mine. 

But when I was starting out, I realized that if you knew how to bring the money in…someone would always find a place for you. 

And, as I was laying out my ideas and thoughts for 2020, I realized that we are likely to be closer to needing to remember that than we have been in a long time. 

So I want to spend a few moments this morning sharing 3 ideas on how you can make your marketing more effective in 2020. 

1. Put the Customer First: 

“Your call is very important to us…” 

“We value our customers…”

Customer! Important! Blah! Blah! Blah!

Most of the time when you tell me you are going to put the customer first, it means that you are totally about to shaft your customer. 

That’s just a cold, hard fact of life in most businesses. 

What I’ve found over the years is that customer service is typically the best form of marketing. 

In fact, my first job in the theatre and performing arts came because the person that hired me told me I had a friendly face and making sure the guests had a great time was the core of the business’s success. 

That’s stuck with me and I don’t see the same care given to most customers. 

No matter what business we are in, we have to put the customer first. 

How do we do such things? 

I was in Melbourne, Australia, delivering my workshop: “Fans For Life” and I said, why don’t you ask yourself this question every time you make a decision that is going to impact the customer experience: “How would I feel if this were happening to me?” 

Then, I stick the needle in even further and say, “What about if this were happening to your mom, dad, or family?” 

The key to putting the customer first is to have empathy for the folks you are serving. 

Start by thinking about what the experience of working with you is like for them, and figure out whether or not what you are doing is good enough. 

2. Focus on value:

A bit of a mantra here, but always think value. 

You’ve all likely heard the story, “no one wants the drill, they want the hole that the drill creates for them.” 

When people work with me, they don’t want the strategies….they want the money! 

Most of the time, all of our marketing can suffer from thinking people care about how we get them there.

No one cares! 

They just want the results we provide them. 

When I was working in day-to-day ticket sales, I’d have to figure out how to solve the ticketing issue for a global wine brand that was coming to America and wanted to enter a new market. 

I was talking to the client one day about the challenge. 

He said to me, “Dave, I trust you. I don’t care how you do it, I just care that I know you will get it done.” 

That’s how all of our prospects and clients feel. They don’t care about what or how we do it, they just trust us to get it done. 

Let’s put that getting it done at the heart of what we are talking about in our marketing. 

3. Be Unique: 

One time I sat down and I picked apart the websites of premium ticket sales for organizations across the North American sports market, you know what they looked like?


Even when the teams were in the same city. 

I’ve also done this with SAAS companies, law firms, and other businesses…

The point is that far too often, we stick our heads in the air…see someone doing something, and think to ourselves, “this must be it!” 

The thing about this is that if you are like everyone else, you are a commodity. 

In today’s world, you can’t afford to do that. 

You have to stand out. 

What makes you special? Unique? Valuable?

Why are you better? Different? More important than other businesses?

You have to sell that! 

You must! 

Obviously, these aren’t the only reasons or ideas that will propel your marketing and business forward in the new year, but they are a good place to start. 

Need help implementing these things, send me a note! 

What do you think? Where are you putting your attention this year?3 

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