3 Ways Accelerate Change…

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I’ve been going back through some papers and old columns that I love.

One of my favorites is Peter Drucker and it is amazing to me how well his writing has held up over the years. One of his ideas that really stood with me a lot over the years is the need to get out into the world and listen…and that got me thinking about things as I am moving into 2020.

Why is this idea important?

Because listening and learning from the world around you can be one of the key accelerants of change.

Here is how that can work:

1. Learning from other organizations:

I’m king of telling folks to not measure themselves against their competition…but to measure themselves against the best in the world.

A challenge we all need to do to accelerate our change and innovation is to look at what other businesses and sectors are doing to solve challenges we are dealing with.

2. Challenge conventional wisdom:

We all get infatuated with the idea of “how things have always been done here.”

That holds us back.

One thing that holds us back a tremendous amount is allowing that kind of thinking to seep in and stay alive in our organization.

Your job is to challenge this conventional wisdom.

3. Talk to your customers: 

Along with learning from others and challenging conventional wisdom, get out there and talk to your customers.

Many folks put a lot of lip service into talking about the importance of their customers, but they never follow through with actually doing something about it.

To create change quickly, get out there and talk with your customers and find out what in the world they love, they hate, and how you can serve them better.

Do one of these things or combine all three and you will see change happen quickly!

What say you?


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