3 Predictions For 2020…

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I think this will be the last of my 3…2020 series.

But I want to make 3 predictions about marketing, sales, and strategy that I am thinking about for 2020.

1. No matter if the marketing is going up or going down, we will see that folks attribute results to actions that aren’t built on reality. 

People that I know in sports business and ticket sales have been talking to me about the state of ticket sales and they’ve asked me, “what will teams and buildings do when many of these folks have never been in business in a bad market?”

Great question.

The answer, “I’m pretty sure it will be lucky.”

If you can’t sell in a good market, how are you going to sell in a bad market?

This goes hand-in-hand with people selling in good markets killing it based on nothing but people just spending money…they will struggle when the process is super important.

I mentioned to a friend once that living in DC had taught me the necessity of having a really great sales process because DC basically doesn’t have a functioning private sector…despite what people will try and tell you.

This means that if you are going to sell in DC, you have to either be attached to government or politics, or you have to be great at process-based selling.

In 2020, process-based selling is going to be more important than ever before and those that don’t buy in are going to have excuses or justifications on both sides.

2. The marketing charlatans are still going to be at it, but I think their time of massive influence is going to come to an end:

Somewhere along the line, people started buying into the wrong metrics of measuring marketing…or everyone thought they were good marketers because they read a couple of listicles on the internet.

This led to the rise of bad marketing advice.

I’m not sure after reading Dave Trott’s books or Ryan Wallman’s new book that this hasn’t always been the case, but I’m hoping that the coming year lessens the influence of the marketing knuckleheads and returns it to the smarties in marketing like Dave, Ryan, Shan, Tom Goodwin, and more.

3. The focus on profit in startups and other businesses can only be a good thing: 

This focus on revenue and growth at the cost of profit has been BS all along.

I’ve never been someone that fully understood the machinations of finance, but I’ve always understood BS.

For many folks talking deals, investments, and growth…they may not be talking finance, but they are talking BS.

As startups are finding that their angels and investors are tired of the games, a renewed focus on profit is a good thing. This has to lead to stronger businesses. Or, at a minimum, less buildings built on myths and garbage.

What do you think?

What are your predictions in 2020?

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