3 Ideas On Tickets Heading Into INTIX

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I’ll be in NYC starting tomorrow for INTIX.

I’m hosting panels on Tuesday and Thursday and will be hanging out with the crew from Booking Protect throughout the week.

If you are around, send me an email and let’s grab a cup of coffee: dave@davewakeman.com

Here are 3 things I’m thinking of or looking for heading into the week.

I’ll be looking to learn more about discounts:

I’m leading a session on discounts on Tuesday, but I’ve had people promise me that they have new ideas and data on discounts.

Typically, I am put off by this stuff, but I have also had folks tell me that they are planning for a down year for ticket sales due to several factors like an election year, strained consumer spending power, and other things.

I’m excited to connect with folks on the secondary market: 

There are a few things that I want to learn about from the secondary market, not limited to:

  • What do they think of Safetix and Verified Fan now?
  • What trends in the market they are seeing?
  • How they are using or thinking about new technologies?

I’ll be excited to connect with some of my friends from around the world and share their ideas with the American market:

I had a chance to go to Australia last year and speak at Angela Higgins’ and Jo Michele’s new ticketing conference outside of Sydney.

I gathered a whole lot of ideas from my trip to Australia and I have been fortunate enough to meet and become friends with folks from around the world.

I know that there are incredible ideas and technologies popping up all over the world. And, I’m excited to learn what they are doing and sharing those ideas with you.


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