3 Areas I’m Focusing On In 2020

Yesterday, I shared my 3 words for 2020:

  • Grow
  • Do
  • Push

Today I wanted to share a few of the areas and ideas I’m heading into 2020 with my eye on:

All strategy is marketing strategy:

Last night, I shared a post from my colleague, Collin Lewis, where he talked about the nature of marketing and strategy for small businesses.

In thinking about where I add value for my clients and the people that follow my work, I realized that I’ve moved past the point where everything was all revenue, all the time.

And, I realized that the most important thing I can help people see is how to make the right decisions and how to take the right actions.

In that vein, I’m going to spend a lot more time focusing on strategy and how strategy translates into marketing success, sales success, and business growth.

Creating and capturing more opportunities: 

I’ve always felt that marketing in the wrong hands devolves into a bunch of BS.

The goal of marketing is simple: I need you to take action at some point.

  • Buy something from me
  • Vote for me
  • Give me money
  • Agree to my position

In short, marketing is about creating and capturing opportunities to create change.

I’m going to spend a lot more time focusing on what that looks like and how you can differentiate between what is a marketing challenge and what is a sales challenge.

The power of being proactive in your business efforts:

I feel like the 2010s was too much about waiting on inbound stuff, or trying to go viral, or not going on the front foot.

I don’t know if I ever bought it, but I think we really need to spend a lot more time focusing on going to the front foot.

The front foot is a soccer term that means to be attacking.

If you have seen my elementary school soccer team, you will know that we talk about the 3 Ps: passing, pressure, and possession.

Pressure is key.

It is a good thing and by going out and attacking what you want, you create opportunities.

In looking at my 3 words and this list, I see some similarities like a focus on action and opportunity.

What are y’all thinking about?


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