3 Key Ideas From My Conversation With Ruby Newell-Legner

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I had a chance to chat with my friend, Ruby Newell-Legner, for my podcast, “The Business of Fun” and it was a great time!

We chatted about marketing, vision, and customer service.

Here are a few of the key ideas that came out of our conversation:

Overcoming the natural reluctance of a partnership to be viewed as a partner is key:

We talked a lot about the ability to build trust and become a partner to your clients.

This idea is key because trust is at the heart of success.

Ruby talks to me about how she develops trusting relationships with her clients and how the change based adoption model helps drive change once she’s viewed as a partner.

Vision is so, so important:

We agree that vision is super important.

We come to it from different angles or with different words, but both Ruby and I realize that you can’t get anywhere without having a powerful vision for your business.

Helping organizations get to the point where they see the power of their vision is transformative for us as consultants and for the organizations that we work with.

Using ideas from around the world comes down to empathy:

Empathy is a word that came up time and time again before, during, and after our conversation.


Because empathy is at the heart of being a great marketer.

Empathy is also key to being great at customer service.

Empathy is an undervalued skill in too many hiring processes.

I’m curious what part of our conversation you liked the most. Let me know by sending me an email at dave@davewakeman.com.

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