4 Keys to My Marketing Philosophy

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I’m going to keep this week’s note short because I have to only make 4 quick points and they are all about my philosophy of marketing which a friend shared with me this week: 

1. Focus on Value
2. Focus on the Customer
3. Focus on Creativity
4. Focus on Consistency

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Let me expand on them quickly.

Focus on value:

If you are marketing anything, you are selling the vision of a better future. That might be through relationships, experiences, improved results, or some other improvement.

The challenge facing most marketing is that people don’t talk about the value that they are delivering.

If you view most marketing, it seems to be in a competition to be basically the same as everything else.

You can’t win at marketing if you aren’t different and you don’t stand out. 

Focus on the Customer:

No one that knows me would ever doubt that I’m customer first.

The thing is that I buy the old Peter Drucker line that your business has one job, “create and keep customers.”

How do you win customers?

By focusing on them. Putting them first.


I’ve always been incredibly focused on the customers.


Because that’s where the money is.

Focus on Creativity: 

This goes with the first point about value. If you are a student of the marketing game, you recognize that too much marketing and advertising doesn’t stand out because it looks exactly like everything else.

To say it is ineffective is probably being gentle.

The reality of modern marketing and advertising is that the average person is inundated with over 5,000 messages and attempts at attention each day.

What does that mean?

It means that if we paid attention to each of these demands, we would go crazy, so we get good at ignoring everything.

That means that your well thought out plan that is tied to best practices is likely to be fine, but not achieve its goals.

This is where being creative comes to the forefront.


Because you have to figure out how to stand out. You don’t do that by being the same, you do that by being different.

Focus on Consistency: 

The key to marketing is consistency.

You can’t throw a Hail Mary, you have to deliver your message consistently.

I can’t define what consistency means for you, that’s for you to figure out on your own, but you need to deliver your message long enough for it to reach your target audience.

I’ll define consistency this way.

You come up with a marketing idea and you make a plan for success with objectives, strategies, and goals.

Then you make a commitment to focus on it and deliver on the plan until you can measure with reason whether or not it is working.

Again, this might be one time through or it might be 4 touches, 5 touches.

That’s on you.

Just be consistent.

Like I said, short and sweet this week, but this is the heart of my marketing philosophy. Everything else flows from it.

What say you?



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