3 Lessons From My Conversation with Derek Palmer

I had my buddy, Derek Palmer, on “The Business of Fun” today and we covered all kinds of fun stuff like living in London, living in Sydney, and travel.

We also talked tickets and business including the upcoming Ticketing Professionals Conference in Sydney and INTIX in NYC.

Here are 3 lessons from our conversation to whet your appetite:

Working internationally is a gift: 

Derek shared a really great story about how he views working internationally as a chance for people in other countries to invite you into their home and that by being generous of spirit, you create so many great relationships and opportunities.

I couldn’t agree more!

You are not your market: 

I may do a workshop in 2020 with just that title, but Derek and I talk about the idea that you aren’t trying to convince yourself to buy a ticket…you are trying to convince someone that isn’t as educated on the topic to buy a ticket or go to a show. So the decisions you make and the way you sell and market should reflect that.

Derek calls me the only marketer he knows that isn’t completely full of sh*t:

We joke around about this one pretty often, but I’ve always felt it was the best endorsement that I’ve received. Derek explains the story of why he said that and also how he can be dry and the greatest endorsement he can give is if something “doesn’t suck”.

Great episode, lots of laughs!

I think you’ll like it.

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