3 Ideas From My Conversation with Jesse Lawrence From Ticket IQ

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I sat down today and chatted to Jesse Lawrence from Ticket IQ for an episode of “The Business of Fun“.

This is a little of a timely one, so I rushed it through the recording and editing process to tap into the information about the tipoff of the NBA and the World Series.

I came away with a lot of new insights and ideas, but here are 3 of my top ones:

Data often is consistent with your hunches:

We often hear how data eliminates hunches, but Jesse talks about how hunches and data can go hand-in-hand.

I think there is a lot to think about when you put that idea into action.

Winning doesn’t solve every ill for a sports’ team, but it helps:

My hunch is that too many teams fall into the trap of believing that winning will fix everything, but the data shows that it isn’t true.

At the same time, Jesse shared some interesting data that shows while winning doesn’t fix everything…it does help.

A number of factors are lining up to challenge the business of sports business:

Jesse and I talked about the fact that you don’t have to sell a ticket at all to make the business of a sports work today. But we also talked about how the business of sport is driven by emotion, connection, and community.

Jesse shares some examples of why it is a challenge to get people off their couch.

Why concerts are likely safe from disruption and more on this topic.

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