I’ve been consistent over the years about strategy

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This was the first “The Business of Value” newsletter. 

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Last week’s idea of value got me thinking about how do we translate that into something tangible. Because here is the big secret, as much as we love to think people make buying decisions rationally, they don’t….even in business services, it is an emotion buy: be it due to ego, desperation, or whatever.

Now I am a regular speaker on marketing and branding…and I have been known to say that there are only 3 real questions that you need to answer to direct your marketing strategy. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are:

* What tangible value do I offer?
* Who needs it and can buy it?
* How do I reach them?

Let’s spend a few minutes on the first one today…

A lot of times we find that our marketing and sales activities talk about goodwill, brand awareness, and engagement. All of which sound good, but without an attachment to an outcome are relatively meaningless. 

That’s why to be able to get into the conversation about value and our ability to deliver value, we need to focus on things that are tangible and real for our buyers and potential clients. To use the examples above, let’s think about it like this:

“Increases goodwill and engagement with the organization that led to more donations, volunteers, and people served.”

“Raised our brand awareness, which allowed the product or service to be featured in X location and delivered $ from the partnership.” 

So remember to begin to deliver your real value, think not just in the abstract form, but see about adding a heavy dose of monetary value to it. I think it will help. 


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