5 Reasons Everyone In Sports Business Should Be Attending “Fans For Life” In Melbourne

I want to share an event I’m putting on in Melbourne, Australia on 18 November 2019 with you, “Fans For Life: Creating and Keeping the Modern Fan” is my one-day deep dive into creating fans, getting them into your building, and keeping them for the long-term that will help everyone in the world of tickets create more opportunities for thier organizations.

I’ve never done an event like this in Australia before and the opportunities to learn from each other, connect with people from around sports and tickets, and gain new knowledge is going to be tremendous.

Check out the link above for a full list of the ideas we are going to cover, but in putting together the program…here are my top 5 reasons everyone in sports business should be attending this event:

  1. Having the opportunity to rethink your approach to fan development.
  2. Creating action items built around fan focus, fan first policies that will have your fans doing your marketing for you.
  3. How to use ideas from businesses around the world to create better experiences, warmer relationships, and generate more revenue.
  4. Connecting with folks in different parts of the country or world that are going to have different experiences and perspectives on revenue, sales, fan development, and more.
  5. Getting focused on the right goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics to generate revenue, create new fans, and keep your old fans for the long term.

Let me explain a little bit more about each:

Rethink your approach to fan development:

In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work in sports and see the sales, marketing, and service sides of the business. I’ve also been fortunate to work on political campaigns on messaging; with non-profits on fundraising, messaging, and communications; with professional service organization on strategy and value proposition; and, many other types of experiences.

So when I look at creating fans, I see something that is more complex than a lot of other sales and marketing gigs and something where we have to create a feverish love for our brand.

This means we have to rethink our fan development and approach it from a unique perspective.

In Melbourne, I’ll draw from my experiences around the world of business so that we cover a few new ways to think about fan development:

  1. Taking the best pieces of the launch of the iPhone and applying them to sports marketing. 
  2. Why trading value for attention has to be more than just scores and highlights.
  3. What does Lifetime Fan Value mean and how do you get started on the journey. 

Action items that put the fan first:

“Your call is very important to us…”

Those words are often laughed at because no one takes them seriously.

The truth is that actions speak louder than words and as it becomes more and more challenging to get people to come to our arenas, stadiums, and events, we must take actions to put our fans first.

With my experience opening nightclubs, restaurants, and bars across the United States, I learned early on how to put customers at the center of the business and use this customer focus as a hard-core revenue driver.

In Melbourne, I’ll take these experiences and put them together to illustrate how to take a set of customer first actions that will generate you revenue quickly including:

  1. Coming up with a “Fans’ Bill of Rights” that acts as a guiding star for your organization and empowers your staff to engage with your guests in a positive manner. 
  2. Understanding the fan lifecycle and how you can use that to improve your marketing, connect or reconnect with your fans, and create offers that speak to them at the point they are in the journey. 
  3. How to innovate the fan experience consistently and profitably. 

A great idea can be almost anywhere:

You don’t have to recreate the wheel with your offers and your ideas.

The world is filled with great ideas that can deliver a better experience for your customers, more revenue for your organization, and deepen the connection between you and your organization.

One of the ideas that I use regularly on my podcast, ‘The Business of Fun’ is to ask people about ideas that they can use from all over the world as ways to improve their product.

At this event, we will cover some of my favorite ways to use ideas from other industries to deliver value to our guests including:

  1. Why it is important to shoot for world-class and not best-in-class.
  2. How to keep an “idea journal” when you travel or attend an event, make a purchase, or just travel around town as a way to generate ideas to use with your fans.
  3. Where to look for to gain ideas quickly and how to brainstorm new ideas when you are stuck. 

Life is about relationships: 

And, that’s one of the best parts about this event…I’m going to be bringing people to Australia from all over the world to chat with you.

Alongside them, we will have people from around Australia coming in to share thier ideas, learn together, and make new connections to extend the learning even further.

In addition to the mingling and networking going on, I’ll also create a few other ways to expand your network like:

  1. Creating an accountability partner for you to help you keep your promise to take new action. 
  2. Offer everyone that attends email support for 30-days so that I can hound you about making sure you take action on the lessons you learned at the workshop. 
  3. Networking opportunities before, during, and after the event where we will work to help you connect with people that you can talk with about pressing challenges, exciting opportunities, and new approaches.

A strategic reboot:

I’ve been doing a private workshop about once a month this summer that I’ve dubbed, “The Whiteboard Workshop” and in this workshop we get deep into what the business I am working with wants their business to become by focusing on objectives, goals, strategies, and, most importantly, action items.

This is important because in too many instances, a team comes together, thinks through a strategy, and never takes action.

Without action, nothing changes and your strategic planning is for nothing.

At “Fans For Life” we are going to encourage each other to rethink their approach to their business, come up with some goals, and take actions that will produce change.

On top of this, we will talk through other ideas that will assist you in producing results in your market like:

  1. Using technology as a weapon to build relationships, expand them, and encourage a next step in your customer journey. 
  2. How customer service is a strategic tool in your toolkit to generate revenue and grow a fanbase. 
  3. Why you need to have a thought out customer path for your fans to travel. 

We are going to cover this and a lot more in Melbourne.

Lock in your tickets today.



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