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If you were watching TV about two Fridays ago, you may have seen the We Day TV special.

You may have run into a segment with a young guy called Eli and he was telling the story of EB, a rare skin disease that impacts hundreds of thousands of people all the world.

It is a brutal disease.

But the great thing is that a cure is close.

Over the last few months, I’ve been working with the organization on this campaign #ComeSayHi.

I’d encourage you to visit the website at and chekc out Eli’s video.

When you are done, if this blog, my consulting work, my talks, podcast, or any of the work I’ve done has had an impact on you, I’d love it if you’d be generous enough to give a gift.

Then, send me your contribution receipt and me and my team will do something special for you.

Sound fair?

Send them to

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