Putting meat to the 4 stages of your marketing plan

I’m deep into some process-based stuff right now and I was mapping out what a marketing strategy should look like, especially one that is driven by action.

In my view, there are 4 key elements that your marketing strategy needs to have, let me share them and give you a little bit of a brush up on how to make these core concepts impactful and actionable for you.


Mission statement or vision: 

Whatever you want to call this…your plan needs to have a direction.


If you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.


You have to have goals.

I’d suggest somewhere between 3 and 5.

You don’t want too many because then it becomes an issue of focus.

I am working on 4 right now, all of them support each other.

The key to this is that you set specific targets like the number of tickets sold, revenue generated, new subscriptions, etc.

That way you have the ability to know whether or not you are on target or not.

Strategies for each goal:

These goals are important because they provide direction for your work or your efforts.

Let’s use the example of revenue generated.

When I worked in nightclubs, we had a bunch of different revenue streams including merchandise, cover charges, well drinks, premium drinks, bottle service, and more.

With each goal, you want to have several strategies that will generate the result you are working towards.

Depending on your mission and what you are working on, you may have a lot of strategies…maybe as many as 8-10.

Or, you may have as few as 3 or 4.

Just depends on you, your goals, and what you can reasonably put your energy and resources into.

At every step, I’d caution from losing focus.


Finally, tactics…which are action items!

These should be attached directly to each of the strategies that you have developed to achieve your goals.

Here’s an example from my upcoming workshop in Melbourne, Australia that will help you pull the whole thing together.

My mission is to help the sports marketers in Australia understand how to create and keep new opportunities around generating new fans and customers for their teams, games, and venues.

The goals I’ve laid out are these:

* Sell 150 tickets
* Draw attendees from 20 organizations
* Generate X amount of revenue (secrets!)

Strategies for achieving these goals include:

* Partnering with the AFL to produce the event at the Marvel Stadium
* Using my podcast to market and reach the Australian market
* Offer value adds, upgrades, and additional value to increase the revenue

Tactics to support these strategies:

* In partnering with the league, I’m going to go through and connect with their league office.
* I’m going to use the league office to market to the teams.
* I’ll follow up with each of the teams individually.
* I’ll schedule team executives and leaders on the podcast along with others from target organizations
* I’ll add value in the form of networking pre and post-event, coaching after the fact, webinars, and more.

I could keep going, but I think you are starting to get the point.

In the end, you can revisit this kind of strategy weekly or monthly, quarterly…whenever.

It is easy to update and easy to take action off of.

Does this make sense to you?

Do you think you’ll put this to work?

Let me know.

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