I’ve been emailing some of my friends…

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To do a 360 assessment on my brand:

Here’s the questionnaire I’ve sent around to people:

  1. Professionally, what 3 words would you use to describe me?
  2. In my work, what do I do well? Where do I struggle?
  3. What roles do I seem to do best at? Where does my work suffer?
  4. If you didn’t know me already, what would you think my job was?
  5. What are some of my blind spots?
  6. Who are some of the people that seem to share qualities that I should be trying to build on?
  7. I’m trying to build my brand towards one that is involved with more strategy, not just revenue, what steps would you suggest I take?

If you were asking people to give you a review, what would you ask?

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