Get Back To Basics

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I was reading a post by Chris Brogan last weekend and he said, “get to the point.”

So this week, I want to spend a really short amount of time on what I think can make the biggest impact on your business: the basics.

Short answer, to the point: Get back to the basics.

I’ve talked about doing “The Whiteboard Workshop” before with clients and if there is a theme, it is that we end up getting back to basics.

Which usually starts with 3 questions:

1. What’s the value we create?
2. Who is our customer?
3. How do we reach them?

What does getting back to basics mean for your business?

It could mean a lot of different things…depending on what you are delivering.

You may want to focus on your operations and when you look at the operations of your organization, you realize that you have been all over the place.

Getting back to basics in this situation is likely to mean figuring out what are the core competencies or the core of your business.

A better way to think about this: what are the 2 or 3 things only you can do.

Maybe, it is only 1.

When you are in marketing, getting back to basics might look like going back to how you differentiate yourself.

Or, it might be about your value proposition.

If you are in sales, you likely need to get back to basics by focusing on your prospecting, filling the top of the funnel.

Or, if you have enough opportunities and you aren’t closing…maybe you take a moment to go through your entire sales process looking at your needs identification, presentation, closing, and every other aspect of your sales process.

Whatever you are working on right now, spend a few moments thinking through your basics.


Because until you have the basics down, you can’t do the advanced stuff. G

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