5 Lessons On Business Growth I’ve Learned This Year

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I’ve been rethinking some of the ways that I grow my brand and my business this year. It is a process that I started last year, but one that really started to catch hold this year.

As I’ve been doing that, I’ve come to some conclusions that might be useful to you no matter what industry you are in.

Consistency is king:

You have to keep your word and your promises.

That’s pretty basic, but it also isn’t something that is guaranteed.

I look at putting out one blog post, short or long, filled with something that has struck me every day as a promise.

I see holding myself accountable to do the work that I’ve promised my clients as a promise, not just something I have to do.

Getting better at hosting “The Business of Fun” is a promise I make to the people I’m fortunate enough to have listen to the podcast.

Because I am consistent, my business continues to grow.

The thing is, I’ve also seen the opposite side of that this year.

Sales needs your attention all the time:

When I travel the world, I find that Americans are salesy…


I just think about sales in terms of having value that I can share with others.

The thing about being sales focused isn’t that it is bad, it is that it is a necessity…like marketing, which we will get to in a moment.

But here’s the truest thing I know, without sales nothing happens.

Strategy isn’t hard, but it is essential:

Your strategy really is simple. It tells you as much about what you aren’t going to do as what you are going to do.

You need to decide early on what your value is, who your customer is, and what your marketing and outreach will look like.

Branding gets a bad rap, but what are you if you don’t have a reputation:

There are terrible charlatans out there ruining the name of personal branding.

I’ve always bought the Tom Peters take on personal branding or something like what Dorie Clark talks about.

Your brand should reflect some key attributes about your work that you want people to think of when they think about the work you deliver.

I like creativity, growth, and people.

Yours will be different but you have to think about them because they make up your reputation which is all a brand is really about anyway.

All businesses are marketing businesses:

Alan Weiss writes about the business of consulting being a marketing business. I’m here to tell you he is spot on and I’ll take it one step further, all businesses are marketing businesses.

If you are in a business where everyone is a commodity, that’s marketing and poor marketing at that.

Marketing is key to growth.

It allows you to be proactive in your outreach, your selling, and your branding.

Marketing gives you the power to tell a story that will encourage people to listen to your ideas, give you attention, and buy your products or services.

Marketing is about getting people to take action: buy, share, do!

Without marketing, you don’t really have a business…you have a hobby or a passion project.

When you focus on these 5 things, you can start to move the wheels of growth. I’ll have more on this over the next few weeks as I start to codify my thinking.

BTW, I do a newsletter all about value called “The Business of Value” and it comes out on Sundays. Send me an email at dave@davewakeman.com and I’ll get you on the list. 

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