A few lessons from the book: ‘Trillion Dollar Coach’

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I just finished reading Trillion Dollar Coach and I would recommend it to anyone in consulting or leadership.

What was amazing to me is the humanity involved in Bill Campbell’s approach to people and I feel like we would have been kindred spirits in a lot of ways, but I wanted to highlight a couple of ideas that I think really were stand up and pay attention ideas for me in hopes that they do the same thing for you.

Leadership is about team building: 

One of the key ideas that came out of my podcast conversation with Tony Knopp was that you build a culture, but you aren’t part of it.

Culture and team building are very similar ideas that have at their heart a need to have other people invested in your project to achieve success.

While I was familiar with Tony’s take on culture, thinking about leadership as team building was something that I should have been giving more credence to.

Tackling the elephant in the room is a key to success: 

I’ve been guilty of telling my clients that I am way more of a stick kind of person on numerous ocassions.

But reading this book, I came away with a different perspective on myself. I’m not so much a stick person, but someone that is willing to go right at the elephant in the room.

In this book, the authors talk about how no room that Bill was in had an elephant because he was willing to go right after the biggest issue.

In other words, he took politics off the table.

In today’s world, we often need more of that. Get the big challenge out on the table so that people can actually try and solve it, not tiptoe around it.

Coaching isn’t about being lovedy-dovey: 

You need a coach because they are going to push you to be better.

This is at the heart of the book.

Tough love isn’t harsh, but it doesn’t soft shoe around things either.

To be a good coach, you have to be willing to say things that are difficult.

But just because you are bringing the elephant in the room into view and doing it in a way that demands action and accountability in a forceful manner, this doesn’t mean that you have to be an ass.

Leadership is about courage:

I think this stands alone as maybe the most important lesson in the book.

We hear a lot of people throwing around the word courage lately.

How we all define courage is up to us, but for me, it means that you do the right thing…even if it is tough.

Anyway, I’d encourage you to get this book…it is a great one.

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